Jay Severin

The Future of Radio - The Severin Wake Up Call! Like many of you I spent countless afternoons listening with the rest of the boldest and brightest to Jay Severin's gospel as he held court on WTTK.   I admired his chutzpah and that he approached his  listeners as intelligent and knowledgeable folk.  Sure he was extremist at times and many of his rants that went too far actually may have been … [Read more...]

Talk Radio Dead? Not So Fast…

Boston Business Radio While the Boston Globe Article on the death of talk radio focusing in on WTKK does lend some to believe that the medium is close to dead, well at least regionally.   Boston Business Radio realizes the medium it is merely pivoting in accordance with technology and demographics. The formula has changed as more is needed than a weak terrestrial signal, bloated old … [Read more...]