Armstrong Welcomes Competition – does NPR?

Bloomberg Business Radio Invades Turf Competition is a good thing - right?  Well let's see what unfolds for WRKO's  Barry Armstrong and his show The Financial Exchange on the Money Matters network.  It's not only Armstrong's Money Matters and its affiliate shows and stations that should be concerned but how about our friends over at NPR - They are in the hot seat now as well.  What I am … [Read more...]

Barry Armstrong

Boston Business Radio WRKO - The Financial Exchange Barry Armstrong delivers interesting, educational, humorous and to the point financial information every day on WRKO - Barry is joined by Co-Host June Knight - a veteran of Boston Radio who adds an interesting dimension to the show  - the interplay between them makes an often dry subject come to life - Barry Armstrong has more than 25 … [Read more...]

WXKS to Fill Local Business Radio Void

Bloomberg Sound Addition to Boston Business Radio! Friday Bloomberg Business Radio Boston launches - 24/7 business programming with an eye on the ever so popular Boston business climate.   The addition of this programming to this market is everyone's gain.  Clear Channel made a great move in initiating the move from 24/7 comedy programming to add an important missing layer to current Boston … [Read more...]

Jay Severin

The Future of Radio - The Severin Wake Up Call! Like many of you I spent countless afternoons listening with the rest of the boldest and brightest to Jay Severin's gospel as he held court on WTTK.   I admired his chutzpah and that he approached his  listeners as intelligent and knowledgeable folk.  Sure he was extremist at times and many of his rants that went too far actually may have been … [Read more...]

Stu Taylor

Stu Taylor currently hosts three business radio shows: Equity Strategies on the Business Talk Radio Network, Equity Strategies (different show) on the Radio America Network, and Stu Taylor on Business, aired on Money Matters Radio, Boston. Taylor is also a contributor to television’s Fox Business Network. Beginning his career as a sales training consultant with Teaching Systems Corp., Mr. … [Read more...]

Talk Radio Survivors Head to 89.7 WGBH

Jim Braude & Margery Eagan Blaze On! While they are the most liberal of liberal and not quite business focused they do encompass the business community on their radio programs ensuring exposure when relevant and topical - They have been a mainstay for over 15 years on talk radio so they rightfully get themselves on our site. After the demise of 96.9 Talk they resurfaced very quickly on … [Read more...]

Talk Radio Dead? Not So Fast…

Boston Business Radio While the Boston Globe Article on the death of talk radio focusing in on WTKK does lend some to believe that the medium is close to dead, well at least regionally.   Boston Business Radio realizes the medium it is merely pivoting in accordance with technology and demographics. The formula has changed as more is needed than a weak terrestrial signal, bloated old … [Read more...]

Michael Graham is Back!

Radio Host Michael Graham Coming to WCRN (Photo: Wikimedia user Emw2012) Conservative talk show host Michael Graham is headed to Worcester. Graham will be bringing his daily talk show "The Natural Truth" to WCRN 830AM. The show will air weekdays from 12-3p.m. beginning Monday, February 11. "Every day from noon to three, I will be inflicting myself on the wonderful people of Central Mass … [Read more...]